Research Activity

As a technology driven enterprise and backed by technocrats as its pillars, since 2009 Corona has laid great emphasis on the research & development aspect.

Corona understands the criticality of developing new products to be ahead of the competition and providing better efficacy drugs at an affordable price to the masses.

The ceaseless efforts to develop products by using Optimized Drug Delivery – ensures greater potency & effectiveness, lesser side-effect & toxicity levels, better stability, low cost hence greater accessibility , ease of administration and best patient compliance.

Increased patients’ awareness & cut-throat competition amongst the manufacturers induces the company to develop & introduce excellence and novelty in its products.

Formulation Research and Development at Corona is accomplished by experienced scientists, technicians and chemists. The team specializes in creating alternate processes for generic formulations. It is equipped to conduct the following processes for formulation development:

  • Product and process optimization
  • Analytical method development
  • Analytical method validation
  • Evaluation and techno-marketing studies
  • Technology transfer

Our scientists, with pre-formulation insight and proficient knowledge in pharmaceutical ingredients, are equipped to create the best combination of materials and manufacturing methods.

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