Pioneer Division

Focuses on bone health, dermatology, respiratory disorders, infectious disease, child health, nutritional supplements, chronic pain management and infectious diseases.

Xemx Division

Focuses on neuropathy management, respiratory disorders, urology, gastroenterology, nutritional supplements and infectious diseases.

Aarush Division

Specializes in women's health care offering a vast range of female/male infertility, hormonal and pregnancy supplementation.

Wellness Division

Dedicated To cardiology, diabetology and lifestyle diseases, covers super speciality medical fraternity.


Specialized in oral Anti-Diabetics, Cardiology, Anti-anemic and Nutritional supplements portfolio covering super specialty medical fraternity


Illuminating women care  by offering innovative and qualitative products  for pregnancy and support care

About US

Corona was established by a group of committed and experienced professionals who came together with “care” and “quality” as their guiding principles. Their vision was to go beyond the norm and provide the best quality affordable healthcare for all.

Today, when it comes to quality, availability and affordability of medicines, we have gone beyond just growth and turned into a force to reckon within an extremely short span of time.

We owe this phenomenal success to our continuous commitment to innovative product development and manufacturing facilities that adhere to strict quality control as per Schedule-M, W.H.O-G.M.P guidelines.

Strategic collaborations with some of the finest companies in Europe have helped us bring in a new range of world class products to India.

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